We are pleased to announce this Advanced TRE® Training with Dr David Berceli.  This training may also be considered a Module 2 Training for those who have completed Module 1.  This is a wonderful opportunity for all trainees, providers and certification trainers to advance their skills and become updated with new information and understanding as it relates to TRE®.  

Dr Berceli will start the TRE ® Advanced training addressing questions you may have as a result of your TRE® training and expanded experiences.


1. Where are You? -- What do you know? -- What do you want to Learn?


  • Continued focus on developing internal awareness of oneself
  • Refine the observation of the tremor mechanism and its integration through the human organism


2. Taking TRE ® to the next level: e necessity of personal practice


  • The TRE® Learning Experience: the key to becoming a more insightful TRE® provider


  • Developing new internal awareness


  • Challenging ourselves to greater personal depth


  • Building TRE ® community: Personal Support & Partnerships


3. TRE ® Provider Growth: Obstacles -- Observation – Supervision


  • The Global TRE® process and experience


  • Expanding the view of the Poly Vagal Theory


  • Attachment theory, Transference & Counter-transference


4. Neurophysiology of TRE ®


  • The Emotional Motor System


  • Central Pattern Generators (CPG’s)


  • Intrinsic Connectivity Networks (ICN)


5. TRE ® Advanced Interventions


Dr. Berceli will be demonstrating some of the various ways he works with others.

*** is Advanced Training is designed for the TRE ® Provider who has completed M1 or M2 as well as Certifcation Trainers who want to deepen their personal insight and professional competency***