Conflict cannot resolve when our stress response takes over. Learn how to transform the activation of your fight, flight or freeze response and move into healthier more connected relationships.  Fight, flight and freeze (F/F/F) responses are the natural responses to danger…danger when we see a lion, a bear or a snake. Our bodies are designed perfectly for these types of situations as the body contracts or stiffens and the stress hormones kick in to protect us from the danger.
We have however adopted the same responses when we feel angry, afraid, fearful, mad etc. in other situations, in real life. When we are in some kind of conflict or difficulty with a partner/friend/mother etc., we need to have the ability to deal rationally, compassionately and kindly… they are not lions!



In part 1 We will discuss CONNECTION and the implications of F/F/F and the benefits of moving into SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT. This involves toning of the VAGUS NERVE. You will be offered tools and techniques for bringing the vagus nerve to optimal health.

In part 2 We will discuss the PHYSICAL and SEXUAL implications to the human organism when under stress. This involves toning of the PSOAS MUSCLES. You will be offered insights and tools for bringing the psoas muscles to optimal health that will assist with breath, digestion and pelvic health.

In Part 3 We as a group will practice TRE® exercises (Tension & trauma Releasing exercises). You will be led safely through the sequence, and be facilitated through the experience. Once learned, this is an effective method to practice at home to maintain a healthy balanced and nourished nervous system.


In Part 4 We will discuss the RELATIONAL implications of stress. This involves looking at our patterns, choices and triggers in relationships. You will be offered insights and practices for creating new neural pathways to shift belief systems, and open to new possibilities that may have been blocked.

Part 5 Q + A session

In Part 6 We will look at Co- Regulation and the vibration of INTIMACY through MOVEMENT, once again activating the tremor mechanism.


Monday 2nd September 2019
10.00am - 5.30pm


3000 Bahat Early Bird offer BEFORE 2nd August

4000 Bahat after 3rd August or on the door


Loose comfortable clothing
Water in a bottle
An open mind

Fiona Soma is a Somatic  Educator specialising in Sexual Health and Relationships. She explores the Stress of Sex as well as dysfunctions of the body-mind that may be causing aspects of imbalance in the body and in life. In her sessions, workshops & retreats, she offers powerful, grounded and safe somatic practices to reduce stress, pain and other adverse affects of stress and trauma.

Fiona is a TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) Global Certification Trainer, presenting in Thailand, Romania, Portugal and Southern Africa. . She has contributed to Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Women's Health and O. She continues her work in Africa where she brings TRE® to communities in need.

Fiona offers Private TRE® Sessions in person, or on Zoom. She is also available for collaboration at retreats, stress retreats, detox retreats, and available for small groups (minimum 4) or TRE® Certification Trainings.