Lets offer our children the return to Peter Pan, the Wizard of Oz and the Little Prince - the innocence and freedom of IMAGINATION, CURIOSITY and SELF EXPRESSION.  We as parents are aware of the educational responsibilities on our children, from young ages - needing to think, problem solve, compete, perform and more.  For how long can we harbour the "Magical Child" quality, safely and groundedly, walking him or her through life unashamedly.  Can we hold a space for this innocent childlike presence that is a fundamental aspect of all of us, albeit covered and locked and blocked and stuffed into a cupboard for fear of shame, blame or pain. 

This is an opportunity to connect to your own inner expression.  The invitation is to PLAY - to unravel those spaces in you that are waiting and wanting to jump out and have fun. For your child, this also becomes a safe space of co-regulated facilitation, moving in and out of inter-connectedness and connectedness - a gift towards healthy communication and the ability to express through feelings and sensation, instead of fight, flight or freeze.



In part 1 We will discuss CONNECTION and the implications of growing up around strict regime, shut down of thoughts and communication, and restrictions that imprint on us from birth, not just from our parents, but of those generations before us. We will look briefly at SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT which involves toning of the VAGUS NERVE. You and and your child will be offered tools for bringing the vagus nerve to optimal health in fun and productive ways.  We will also discuss the PHYSICAL  implications to the human organism when under stress. This involves toning of the PSOAS MUSCLES. You will be offered insights and tools for bringing the psoas muscles to optimal health that will assist with breath, digestion and pelvic health. We will look at animals in the wild, and compare our ways to theirs when defending ourselves

Part 2 BREAK - snacks and drinks JuMp, DaNCE and fresh air!

In Part 3 We as a group will practice TRE® exercises (Tension & trauma Releasing exercises) in fun and creative way. You and your child will be led safely through the sequence, and be facilitated through the experience. Once learned, this is an effective method to practice at home, by yourself, or with your child and family to maintain a healthy balanced nervous system, and healthy balanced relationships within the home unit.

Part 5 Creative Process - Drawing and writing


Part 6  Q + A session


Wednesday 19 June 2019
11.00am - 2pm


40 Euros for one parent and one child combined

After 5th June and on the door 50 Euros

Please note that children should be no younger than 8 and no older than 15/16

Please note places are limited, and booking essential.



Loose comfortable clothing

A blanket, cushion, stuffed toy - whatever makes you feel comfortable

Water in a bottle and some snacks in a small box - no crinkle paper

An open mind ♥





Fiona Soma is a Somatic Health Specialist specializing in RELATIONSHIPS. She explores the Stress, Trauma as well as dysfunctions of the body-mind that may be causing aspects of imbalance in the body and in life. In her sessions, workshops & retreats, she offers powerful somatic practices to reduce stress, pain and other adverse affects of stress and trauma.

Fiona is a TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) Global Certification Trainer, presenting in Thailand, Romania and Southern Africa. . She has contributed to Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Women's Health and O.

Fiona offers Private TRE® Sessions in person, or on Zoom. She is also available for collaboration at retreats, stress retreats, detox retreats, and available for small groups (minimum 4) or TRE® Certification Trainings.


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