Join us for this 3 hour workshop to learn more about sexual energy and vibration and how to grow, cultivate and sustain a strong, wholesome, fun and juicy relationship with self and others. It is ideal for those of us who wish to achieve a fuller, more orgasmic and creative approach to our sexuality, and to life. 

We begin by inviting the body to release old tension patterns that may be causing blockages in the sexual arena, or in life. We practice movement, asana, and selected stretches for more body openness, hydration and flexibility. Combined with various breath techniques -  deep tissue, fascia and viscera  become deeply moved and massaged. We will be called towards a a deep, purr like vibration or resonance, that opens us up to our most true sexual alignment as well as more present and harmonious relating. We will use TRE® (Tension Release Exercises) as well as *Taoist practices, as the main tools for naturally and organically moving towards a healthy nervous system, healthy movement, healthy boundaries and healthy expression. These practices are easily accessible and through exploration and curiosity, we can open to new sensations, feeling, safety and pleasure. We will take away some of these tools that can be practiced and played with at home for more fun and freedom with our orgasmic and climactic energy.

* Taoist Sexual Practices - These are ancient Chinese meditations designed for improved health. We work with breath, sound and movement to free sexual energy, which can then be utilised for healing purposes, as well as a more balanced sexual fire

Fiona is keenly sensitive of creating a space that is safe and non-threatening to explore and work deeper these profound aspects. There is no nudity on this workshop. 


Fiona Soma is a Somatic Educator specialising in Sexual Health and Relating. She explores the Stress of Sex as well as dysfunctions of the body-mind that may be causing aspects of imbalance in the body and in life. In her sessions, workshops & retreats, she offers powerful somatic practices to reduce stress, pain and other adverse affects of stress and trauma.


Fiona is a TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) Global Certification Trainer, presenting in Thailand, Portugal,Romania and Southern Africa.  She practices and teaches Taoist Energy techniques and meditations, and has created ”Nectar – Sexual Wisdom & Alchemy”, a practical, safe and accessible program, practicing the transformation of Jing Chi (sexual energy) for health and lifestyle benefits. She has contributed to Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Women's Health and O Magazines.


Fiona has worked, shared and studied with some inspiring people including Master Mantak Chia, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Liz Koch Bill Kauth and Dr David BerceliIn her practice she also includes, Chi Kung, Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist  Visceral massage), Kinesiology, Breath, Psychic Surgery and Craniosacral therapy. These approaches aim to uncover deep- seated blockages, which may manifest as persistent health difficulties.  Fiona carries a Masters degree in Design, and lectured at The University of The Arts in London for 9 years structuring programs in fashion and product design.


Fiona offers Private TRE® Sessions in person, or on Zoom. She is also available for collaboration at retreats, stress retreats, detox retreats, and available for small groups (minimum 6) for TRE® Certification Trainings. 

Early bird = 62 € before 9th August - use discount code EARLYBIRDNECTAR
After 10th August = €71.00
Please note space is limited and booking essential
**** If you have any disabilities, or have had surgery in the past 3 months, please contact Fiona 
****please note this workshop is not suitable for pregnant women