Join us in this quiet and remote bay filled with thick jungle, coconut groves and on the ocean.  Here you will find a world class yoga, detox and healing centre with an extensive choice of seafood, vegetarian, vegan and detox available.  In the quiet of the jungle we can open to ourselves without the distraction of every day life, to immerse deeper into  curiosity and explore some new aspects of Self.  

Nectar – sexual wisdom & alchemy is an introduction to various practices, that will offer us a deeper understanding of our sexual energies.  We learn self-healing techniques that are intended to amplify and transmute sexual energy, impart true intimacy, balance our male and female polarities, rejuvenate the body and clear old blockages.  Through the breath we can successfully access our internal sexual nectar; through flow enhancement we gain openness throughout the body, resulting in a fuller, more profound sexuality.


For this programme Fiona has translated some of these ancient tools of wisdom into 21st century accessibility.


In working with some of the Taoist and Tantric exercises and meditations, you are encouraged to access your sexual energy and use it as a means to healing. This potent Jing essence has the ability to energize the organs, cleanse the blood and stimulate the hormones.  Key in all these exercises is encouraging balance and homeostasis.


“I find a considerable number of clients unable to embrace fully their sexuality, such as those who are unable to achieve satisfying orgasm and those who have lost what I call their ‘sexual fire”.  In doing the practices, the bonus prize is that the body is opened up and sensitized to the extent that full body, multiple, extended orgasms, become a standard by-product.  These orgasms not only open up all the energy (chakra) centers in the body, but also initiate a deep healing process on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  These bring people to a much closer and deeper sense of intimacy, which in turn open the channels of communication, intimacy and authentic vulnerability.  The sharing and exchanging of these energies also contribute deeply when the techniques are used in the balancing process – extracting yin from the female and yang from the male. 


Fiona encourages participants to engage with breath, sound, flow and other somatic practices, combined with self-reflective  tasks such as journaling, dream observation and single cultivation (conscious self pleasuring) techniques for us to begin to understand our bodies better; in turn we can communicate our needs to our partners and share healthy, open and honest sexuality.

The initial practices and meditations are about accessing our own sexual energies and communicating with our own bodies.  We work with:


  • Accessing sexual energy (life force), which resides in the ovaries and testicles
  • Using the breath to transport sexual energy around the body
  • Utilising this new energy to create and experience multiple, expanded, full body orgasms
  • Healing our bodies with this energy – sending it into our organs, blood, glands, hormones, bones
  • Attaining a greater understanding of ourselves and moving towards a higher sense of sexual consciousness


***Sex and Spirit are deeply personal subjects. These practices can be significant for those who have had hurtful or difficult experiences, which continue to shadow their sexual selves.  These unresolved negative feelings could create difficulties in achieving deeply intimate, healthy and satisfying relationships.  Fiona is keenly sensitive of creating a space that is safe and non-threatening to explore and work deeper these profound aspects, and therefore there is no nudity or sexually explicit conduct on this programme


15th - 19th January 2018 

Early Bird 16500 Thai Bhart before 15th December  2017

After 16th December 2017 18,000 Thai Bhart


5 X Psoas Release Sessions

5 x Taoist Tantra Meditations

1 x Group Dinner

2 x Steam room sound and breath meditations

1 x Labyrinth Walk