Join us in this quiet and remote bay filled with thick jungle, coconut groves and on the ocean.  Here you will find a world class yoga, detox and healing centre with an extensive choice of seafood, vegetarian, vegan and detox available.  In the quiet of the jungle we can open to ourselves without the distraction of every day life, to immerse deeper into  curiosity and explore some new aspects of Self.

This is a  movement towards accessing your true sense of SEXUAL and SENSUAL - flexibility, fluidity, groundedness, awareness, strength and feeling - not just in your body, but in LIFE.  

You will intuitively and curiously play with movement, asana, sound, breath and frequency.  You will be offered new ways of exploring and communicating your body, in a safe, held and facilitated space, through carefully created exercises, meditations and practices. 

You will be introduced to various somatic practices intended to bring you to the place we call "HOME". You will be invited to look a little deeper into what feels like your personal "Sexual Integrity", and how you can incorporate this into a balanced life-style, whilst remaining curious and open-minded.  

In this workshop you will be introduced to:

  • Sexuality and The Nervous System 
  • The Psoas Midline and its importance in Safe Relating
  • The Vagus Nerve and its impact on Sexual and Social Engagement

We now understand clearly that trauma is not just Psychological, it is also impacts us on a Physical level.  Through TRE® - Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises, we learn about opening our bodies to its optimal vibration.  This natural and organic practice allows the emotional, physical, chemical and mental bodies to move towards a place of homeostasis and harmony. We step into understanding our body's natural frequency, and move towards coming "home".



You will be introduced to NECTAR Sexual Wisdom & Alchemy - selected Taoist Sexual Energy Practices, which will aid in building a strong, balanced and healthy Sexual Fire.  You will learn to use these practices not just for more full body orgasmic potential, but also for harmonious sexual health. Through these practices, we can be moved further, towards a state of

  • Sexual Balance - Here we can move fluidly between intimacy and playfulness
  • Sexual Openness - Here we can invite ourselves and our partners to express openly via all the senses
  • Sexual Mobility - Here we move towards more physical resilience
  • Sexual Hydration - Here we can  physically create space and juiciness in the pelvic, sacral and Psoas regions
  • Sexual Integrity - How to feel safe in your sexuality and in your body, and how to convey safety to your partner/s   






This was such a fantastic weekend as it really gave me a totally different perspective on TRE and the tremor mechanism – I loved the soft, inviting, flowing approach you modelled and introduced us to – an atmosphere of total safety with what is quite a delicate, intimate aspect of our humanity. It has refreshed for me the emphasis that this work is really respectful, embodied, non-cerebral, which for me translates to deeper insight and appreciation for the human organism - TK

Thank you so much for this weekend – I know I turned a corner somewhere during the weekend I sang in the shower this morning – not something I have done in years - MN

Thank you so much for a wonderful and amazing 2 days on the workshop.  I thoroughly enjoyed every bit and I learnt so much! It was great to experience you as a facilitator and trainer, but more so just connecting with you and the energy and passion with which you bring yourself and your perspectives into the TRE work. In my head I still hear your voice saying words like “yummy, delicious, hydrated, fluid, ….” And it makes me smile and appreciate this wonderful body of mine. Thank you for modelling such ease and comfort with your own body and the guidance and teaching you offered landed very deeply for me. THANK YOU!

I appreciated the time and space you created to just be with my own body and listen to it more finely.  I valued the deeper and more personal perspective the workshop gave me into my own body and how I can offer support and deeper insight to my clients in the future. I enjoyed the pace and flow between teaching and practical doing through personal experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of being more curious and discovering new and different ways of connecting with and tuning into my body and how its processing and working with whatever it is at any given time. The focused breathing exercises was a great learning as well. I have integrated some of these into my personal practice already and have intuitively integrated some breathing practice with a few clients as well - DE

Thank you for the loving way you held the space for all of us, to simply explore and play and express ourselves. Thank you for taking a potentially scary subject for many and ensuring that we could gently release and integrate with a deep sense of being held every step of the way. And with all of that, we still had huge FUN! - TB

Please note this workshop is not suitable for pregnant women or children. 

If you have any disabilities, or have had surgery in the past 3 months, please contact Fiona directly

There is no nudity or sexually explicit conduct at this workshop

Early Bird 16500 Thai Bhart before 1st February 2018

After 2nd February 2018 18,000 Thai Bhart


5 X TRE® Sessions

5 x Taoist Tantra Meditations

1 x Group Dinner

2 x Steam room sound and breath meditations

1 x Labyrinth Walk