In this 3 hour workshop  we learn about  pleasure and positive sensation to the body and to the sexual body -  we will explore how through natural vibration, we can be moved to deeply pleasurable states. Pleasure and excitement and relaxation and safety are some of the take aways .  We will focus on pulsation and attempt to find our natural PuRRR which can feel calming and exciting at the same time - Mobilisation without Fear = JOY 

🖤 The Psoas [fight flight freeze muscle] which is located in the centre of our bodies gets overwhelmed when we live in a stress body - it loses hydration, and because of its location, has a significant effect on everything around it [ lungs, diaphragm, hips, genitals, pelvis, intestines]. 

🖤The Vagus Nerve has significant meaning in terms of connection, both to Self and others. An unhealthy vagus nerve can affect our ability for healthy social engagement - A healthy vagus nerve allows for intimacy, spiritual growth, intuition, trust, and vitality. We will be led through a session of somatic exploration to find this true and meaningful place of pleasure in a very safely held container. This workshop is open to men and women - singles and couples. Please note there is no nudity on this workshop 

🖤DATE and TIME 20th June 2023 6.30pm - 9.30pm 

🖤INVESTMENT €62.00 Please note places are limited 

🖤VENUE Elephant Yogi Studio, Bucharest 

🖤BRING Loose comfortable clothing Water in a bottle An open mind ☺ 

🖤 Fiona Soma is a Somatic Health Specialist specializing in Sexual Health. She explores the Stress of Sex as well as dysfunctions of the body-mind that may be causing aspects of imbalance in the body and in life. In her sessions, workshops & retreats, she offers powerful somatic practices to reduce stress, pain and other adverse affects of stress and trauma.