Module 1: 11th - 13th January 2016
Module 2:  2nd - 4th March 2016
Koh Samui/Koh Phangan, Thailand


All are invited to attend this Global Certification Practitioner Training Programme.


This is a unique programme designed for those wishing to immerse themselves in the PRACTICE, UNDERSTANDING AND WISDOM OF TRE® - Tension & Trauma Release Exercises. You will be guided and supervised over the six week period as well as being supported and assisted by your colleagues. This on-site training offers a deep and transformational process, whilst enjoying the beauty, serenity and freedom an an island free from noise, traffic and the daily stressors of our normal lives.



  • Anatomy, neurology and physiology of stress and trauma as it relates to TRE®

  • Understanding the tremor response

  • Introduction to the Poly-vagal theory

  • Defence reactions as they relate to TRE®

  • Containment and grounding strategies

  • Introduction to basic skills of working with individuals and groups

  • Introduction to TRE® and 6 tremoring experiences





  • Deepening of module 1 content

  • Debrief of practice-teaching experiences

  • Review of the Areas of Awareness in the Practice of TRE® paper

  • Role of fascia in TRE®

  • TRE® basic interventions (touch and non-touch energy expanding interventions)

  • TRE® modifications

  • Develop group leading skills

  • Develop skills in following the body

  • Working within your scope of practice, knowledge, and competency

  •           Ethical Awareness



In between Module 1 & 2 (6 weeks) you will get to experience or assist at a minimum of 2 TRE® group classes/workshops per week, as well as practice with friends and fellow travellers.  This is a very valuable addition to the regular TRE® training, as you are encouraged to observe the mechanism in real life. During this time, you will ben supported in going deeper with your own practice, and begin to understand the many textures of this process.  Personal reflective journaling is encouraged during this time.
Living on a beach surrounded by jungle, as well as the option for Detox, Yoga 4 -6 classes per day, fresh & delicious food, sessions and workshops offered by very experienced healers, in one small beach village!  This is a place, on an island without cars or noise, where you can learn an" on the job" approach to TRE®, without the distractions of daily life.  This is also a special place for connection, with many others who are seeking some form of healing, growth & development, in a move towards a healthier lifestyle.


Please note that after Module 2 you will begin your case studies - this is not part of the 6 week residential, however you can stay on for an extra month to be supported through your case studies.  Continued supervision is required and can be done in person, in small groups or on Skype.  Please note: on occasion trainees are required to have additional personal and supervised sessions to ensure personal grounding and readiness to lead individuals or groups safely.





Accommodation is not included within the price of this programme. If you have not already booked accommodation, please contact Fiona to check the options.

For participants of this workshop, we can also reserve limited spaces in our dorms (330 baht per night) and private rooms and bungalows (from 660 baht per night) only for the duration of each module.



Early Bird before 5th November 2015

$2800.00 all inclusive (excludes Accommodation & Food)


From 5th November 2015  

$3000.00 all inclusive (excludes Accommodation & Food)




  • Module 1 & Module 2 = 6 Days Training TRE® Global Certification including 12 TRE® Sessions

  • 10 Hours of personal supervision (including personal TRE® sessions)

  • 5 Hours of Supervision with group or Skype – this takes place after Module 2

  • 18 Hours of Observing, assisting or attending a minimum of 2 On-site TRE® 1 ½ hour group or workshop sessions per week in a beautiful jungle/beach space

  • TRE®Trainer/Supervisor assistance on site

  • Exam once trainee has completed all case studies, personal journaling (minimum 40 sessions documented) and all required supervision.

*Please note this does not include registration with TRE LLC - All trainees are required to register and enrol with TRE®LLC at a cost of $35.00



Please note space on this Immersion training is limited.