This TRE® Global Certification Training is open to anyone interested in somatic health and Self Healing. This programme invites us towards a deep, titrated, supported and sustained integration and understanding of our tremor mechanism.  This natural mechanism is an autonomic response, assisting in cultivating a healthy and regulated nervous system. It is an excellent grounding tool that reduces the discharge of un-healthy stress hormones, bringing all aspects of the body back to balance and homeostasis, allowing for a more free and peaceful existence. It is an easy DIY approach for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, trauma or PTSD.  This mechanism, is the body's most organic and natural way of unravelling, de-constructing and re-organising contracted or tight stress patterns in the body, assisting with pain, tension, inflammation and discomfort.






Fiona has been a TRE® Global Certification Trainer for 10 years, moving around the world offering TRE® in diversely traumatised communities.  In her Private Practice she specialises in Sexual Health and Relationships with a focus on Addiction, Attachment Styles, Patterns and Triggers. She is passionate about the possibility of "Self-Healing" and promotes the movement from Co-Regulation to Self Regulation in her practice and her work. 


Fiona encourages us to safely explore methods of movement and play with forms of resonance and vibration, as a way of moving towards nourishing our nervous systems.  Through curiosity, we are led though simple, yet healing processes that bring balance back to all body systems.  In her practice she also includes, Taoist Energy Work, Kinesiology, Breath work, Fascial Yoga and Craniosacral therapy. These approaches assist in returning home to a healthy and happy body.  



Teodora is a TRE® Trainee Trainer based in Bucharest, Romania. Drawing on her experience with dance, Martial Arts, and climbing, she is passionate about exploring the amazing possibilities of the human organism and its ability to restore natural rhythms and flow that support a life of thriving instead of merely surviving.


A perfectly imperfect human, still on her own journey of hurting and healing, expressing and feeling, Teodora is offering her guidance, presence and aliveness in service to all of you who feel inside the possibility of uncovering your truest, unedited, authentic & natural selves that lie beneath the defence strategies that you may have come to know yourselves as.                     

She is inviting you to step out of doing and into your genuine Being, and she is deeply grateful to witness and guide you on the journey back HOME. Home to your undisturbed freedom, to your neutral natural center of being, to your yummy vibration and true pulsation, to your silent stillness and deep wisdom through the tremor mechanism evoked by TRE®.    





Module 1

May 20/21/22


Module 2

July 8/9/10


Module 3

September 2/3/4


5.30pm - 9.30pm CEST time



€ 300.00 per Module


***Please note that you will require a 15 minute free interview before booking on this programme. 








OUTLINE of the TRE® Global Training Online 2021 with Fiona Soma and Teodora Buzoianu
This experiential and exploratory training programme is designed to take you through a journey of discovering, understanding and regulating for yourself the Tremor Mechanism evoked through TRE®, as well as guide you towards becoming a Facilitator of this somatic exploration. Once certified, you will be able to lead and hold space for other people as they come to uncover, explore and self- regulate this innate, genetically-encoded mechanism in their bodies.
There are several mandatory components of this training programme that you are committing to,with full attendance,designed towards providing you a Certified status as TRE® Facilitator/ Provider, which you can find outlined below.
✓ Training Modules:
3 modules spanning over 3 days each (*see detailed outline below)
✓ Supervision:
Supervision - split between group and private supervision sessions. (*see detailed outline below)
✓ Documents to be compiled and presented in view of your final certification:
These documents will be uploaded in a private Facebook group (please create group using TRE® Studies and your name + surname) that you create and where you will invite your Certification Trainer and Mentor. This represents your own tracking of your progress throughout the training period. Here is a shortlist of these required documents, with more information and details about them to be presented to you at Module 1:
• Read and review 2 books (you will receive a list of recommended reading)
• Document 3 Buddy-Up sessions (these are sessions you and one of your fellow trainees will organise and take turns in leading and being led through TRE®
• Document 3 Practice-Student sessions (these are sessions you will lead after Module 2 as part of developing your facilitation skills)
• Document 3 Case Studies (CS) of minimum 6 weeks each (two individual CS’s and one small Group CS)
• Log Book (a document that records your attendance of training modules, supervision sessions, buddy-ups and practice student sessions(you will receive an example of how to compile your own Log Book)
• Journaling - You are required to document 40 of your own TRE® sessions from the start of M1 to the start of M3. You will receive examples of how to create a journal entry that expresses your own exploration with the tremor mechanism evoked through TRE®
*Below you can find more details about the Training and Supervision times and dates
✓ TRAINING: 3 training modules, 8 weeks apart from each other.
Each module takes place Thursday to Saturday between 5,30 pm-9,30 pm GMT+2
• Module 1 dates: May 20-22nd 2021 (Thursday to Saturday)
• Module 2 dates: July 8-10th 2021 (Thursday to Saturday)
• Module 3 dates: September 2-4th 2021 (Thursday toSaturday)
You are required to attend supervision throughout your Training Programme - This is made up of 12 hours supervision sessions (see dates below) and 14 hours of Personal Supervision including Certification. This will take place on Zoom.
1) 3 Mandatory Group Supervisions mid-way between our Modules:
Each session is 4 hours, between 5,30 pm-9,30 pm GMT+2and you are required to attend all:
• June 17th 2021 (Thursday)
• August 5th 2021 (Thursday)
• September 30th 2021 (Thursday)
2) 4 Private Supervisions with your Certification Trainer (CT), an hour each, structured as follows:
• A one-hour private session after each Module, in which you are led through TRE®. 3 hours in total
• One hour private session after Module 2 leading your CT or Mentor through a session of TRE®. 1 hour in total
3) 7 hours of Private Supervisions dedicated to growing your facilitation skills, divided as follows:
• 4 hours of private supervision are divided into 2 x 2 hour sessions. These are practice sessions aimed at growing your facilitation skills. In both these 2 hour-sessions you get to lead your practice student/s through TRE®, with your Certification Trainer and Mentor observing – You will receive feedback.
The first session with an individual will take place after Module 2.
The Second session with 2/3 individuals will take place after Module 3
• 3 hours of private supervision are dedicated to your Case Studies.
After completing Module 3, and as part of your Certification requirements, you will be conducting
and documenting 3 Case Studies – two individuals and one small group.
After each Case Study, you must request a private supervision of one hour. This time can also be split in 2 half-an-hour sessions and is aimed at reviewing your Case Study, offering feedback and supporting you in further development of your facilitation skills.
4) 3 hours of private supervision for your final certification
This time can be split into shorter slots and will be used to:
• Go through all the documentation you have prepared as part of your certification requirements
• You will lead either your Certification Trainer or your Mentor through a session, while the other will observe
Please note, you may request further supervision if required.
3 x Modules @ € 300.00 per Module = € 900.00
12 Hours of GROUP Supervision ( 3 Sessions @ €100 per 4 hour session = € 300.00
14 Hours of Personal Supervision + Certification @ €60.00 per session = €840
** PLEASE NOTE: For those from Eastern Europe and Africa, personal supervision costs are €40.00 per hour due to the economic challenges in your countries. TOTAL INVESTMENT =  = €1760.00