Join this deep dive into navigating and exploring the unique make-up of your nervous system, an introduction into the Tremor Mechanism and the practice of TRE® or Tension/Trauma Release Exercises. This course is open to those who are curious about natural stress and trauma release, as well as somatic health and self-healing. It is also open to those who wish to become Internationally Certified TRE® Global Practitioners (1 extra module).  

TRE® or the Tremor Mechanism is a natural somatic practice in growing and cultivating a healthy and regulated nervous system. It is an excellent grounding tool for those working as medical personnel, psychologists/therapists and first responders - or for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, trauma or PTSD in their own lives.  This is an invitation to our most innate  mammalian response for mild daily stress, all the way to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It is an excellent grounding tool that reduces the discharge of un-healthy stress hormones, bringing all aspects of the body back to balance and homeostasis, allowing for a more free and peaceful existence.  This mechanism, is the body's most organic way of unravelling and re-organising contracted or tight stress patterns in the body, and is a perfect tool for practitioners and teachers of Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Movement, Martial Arts and more. 

This experiential and exploratory training programme is designed to take you through a journey of discovering, understanding and regulating for yourself the Tremor Mechanism evoked through TRE®, as well as guide you towards becoming a Facilitator of this somatic exploration. This Module 1 can be for Self-Development or as the first step of your TRE® Global Certification Training. Either way, ths is an opportunity for a deep, titrated, supported and sustained integration of your tremor mechanism within a safe held container.

**Please note - Once certified, you will be able to lead and hold space for other people as they come to uncover, explore and self- regulate this innate, genetically-encoded mechanism in their bodies. There are several mandatory components of this training programme that you are committing to, with full attendance, designed towards providing you a Certified status as TRE® Facilitator/ Provider, which can be discussed in your free assessment. This first weekend/ module does not equip you sufficient insights to offer sessions to others.

*Please note - this programme is not suitable for pregnant women.


Fiona has been a TRE® Global Certification Trainer for 10 years, moving around the world offering TRE® in diversely traumatised communities.  In her Private Practice she specialises in Sexual Health and Relationships with a focus on Addiction, Attachment Styles, Patterns and Triggers. She is passionate about the possibility of "Self-Healing" and promotes the movement from Co-Regulation on the mat to Self Regulation in Life. 

Fiona encourages us to safely explore methods of movement and play with forms of resonance and vibration, as a way of moving towards nourishing our nervous systems.  Through curiosity, we are led though simple, yet healing processes that bring balance back to all body systems.  In her practice she also includes, Taoist Energy Work, Kinesiology, Breath work, Fascial Yoga and Craniosacral therapy. These approaches assist in returning home to a healthy and happy body.  

We invite you to join us for this 1/2 or 3 days introduction to TRE® - Tension Release Exercises.  This will be very experiential - each morning and afternoon session you will be supported through the exercises and tremors, and there will be lots of time for discussion and sharing of experiences. 


If you wish to deepen your understanding of TRE® and want to continue becoming a TRE® Global Provider, you need to attend all 3 days of the workshop/Module 1, as it is a pre-requsitie for attending Module 2. Our Module 2 will be in Bucharest, Romania in June 2023 or Online in June 2023.  Please note, Module 2 Trainings are offered in more than 35 countries worldwide - see  



  • Anatomy, neurology and physiology of stress and trauma as it relates to TRE®
  • Understanding the tremor response
  • Introduction to the Poly-vagal theory
  • Introduction to the Psoas
  • Defence reactions as they relate to TRE®
  • Containment and grounding strategies
  • Introduction to TRE® mechanism and 6 X group tremoring experiences


Please note this workshop is not suitable for pregnant women or children.  If you have any disabilities, or have had surgery in the past 3 months, please contact Fiona directly.  There is no nudity or sexually explicit conduct at this workshop



15,000 Thai Bart

Includes 3 day Training and 6 TRE® group supervised sessions over 3 days

Cost per day

5000 Thai Bart per day

Includes 2 TRE® group supervised sessions per day


10.30am - 1.00pm

3.00pm - 5.00pm/5.30pm