***May 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our world of "real life" meeting, for now.  It has however shown us that the need for TRE® is greater than ever. Recognising this has led TRE®’s governing body, TFA, to develop and provide new online methods of teaching individuals how to benefit from TRE®, and training and certifying those interested in becoming TRE® Providers. 

Therefore, this Module 1 Certification Training will be delivered ONLINE as a “BETA” test to develop future, standardised trainings. Our team has many years of experience in delivering online lectures, presentations, supervisions and group discussions as we move around the world, with many of our trainees living or travelling in other cities/countries. Fiona presents Global Certification trainings in Romania, Thailand, Portugal and South Africa, and has offered past trainings in Israel.  We are confident that we can mirror what you would receive in an in-person training; though technological limitations and challenges could arise, so we may ask you to bear with us for a moment here and there!!.  The purpose of this Beta Test is to provide a complete overview of the true experience gained by the Module One Online Training, by the TRE® Trainer, the participants and the assistants. This data will be used for future learning purposes to continue to improve the experience.


Our scheduled Module 1 Trainings in Bucharest and Lisbon, will not take place. We will wait until we have further instruction re "live" trainings.  In the meantime we have two Online Beta Global Certification Trainings available.

19th - 24th June for Global - Training times will be Central European Summer Time (CEST)

26th June - 1st July for Romanians - Training times will be RO Time