In our work together we will start to understand the importance of the – P a u S e – or the space in between – the deeply nourishing and nurturing part of our nervous systems, the Parasympathetic. In this pause, the invitation is towards I n t e g r a t I o n – the part that most of us miss when running from yoga to work , to lunch, to work, to gym, to dinner, to that forgotten email at 11pm at night... We will learn how to manage our nervous system with tools that can be accessed easily, instantly and effectively - These tools include TRE® (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises), Breath practices, Vagal Toning, Jaw and Pelvic bowl Release, Psoas SofteningFascia Hydration and Release, Taoist Sexual Energy Practices - Nourish Your Nervous System 

We will begin understanding how healthy sympathetic (high intensity) activation via play, can be exciting, elevating, enjoyable..even relaxing, rejuvenating and regenerating. We offer space for the archetypal magical child who acts from a place of AuthEnticity and still believes in MaGiC. Play involves spontaneous movement, creative practices, music/sound and presence. We will learn the implications of how overwhelming, stressful or traumatic sympathetic responses, combined with fear, anxiety, depression or just dealing with the daily stressors of  life can have the opposite effects of positive sympathetic intensity. 

When we begin to PuRRRR we become more relaxed, regulated and integrated in our nervous systems, and in our bodies.  We should be able to move between Parasysmpathetic and Sympathetic states and have an easy return to baseline, where we can manage life. Once our bodies learn to let go of defence responses, fight, flight and freeze, we become more successful in significant relationships, family relationships, work relationships, and communication and connection in general daily life. This is a movement towards internal Re-Organisation -  to be and feel moved, from a place of stress and stuckness towards a place of spaciousness and peace, in body and emotions. The PuRRRR is how you vibrate in your body and out in the world.

By the expert Professor Leslie A. Lyons, Ph.D., explains - 

“For the purr to exist in different cat species over time, geographical isolation etc. there would likely have to be something very important (survival mechanism) about the purr. There also would have to be a very good reason for energy expenditure (in this case creation of the purr), when one is physically stressed or ill. The vibration of the cat’s diaphragm, which with the larynx, creates the purr, requires energy. If an animal is injured they would not use this energy unless it was beneficial to their survival. If purring is a healing mechanism, it may just help them to recover faster, and perhaps could even save their life.”

“Because cats have adapted to conserve energy by means of long periods of rest and sleep, it is possible that purring is a low energy mechanism that stimulates muscles and bones without using a lot of energy.”

“Scientists have demonstrated that cats purr during both inhalation and exhalation with a consistent pattern and frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz,” according to the article

Lyons says that these are frequencies that promote healing. She notes that domestic cats and wild cats alike produce strong frequencies at “exactly 25 Hertz and 50 Hertz. These two low frequencies are associated with the promotion of bone growth and fracture healing.”

Bone Growth, Fracture Healing and Pain Relief

Recent “research on frequencies that promote bone growth, fracture healing, pain relief ad relief of breathlessness and inflammation, show that frequencies between 20 Hertz and 150 Hertz are healing frequencies. 

All cat species have purr frequencies between 20 Hertz and 150 Hertz with the exception of the cheetah.” The cheetah purrs at 25, 50, 100, 125 and 150 Hertz. “This corresponds exactly with the best healing frequencies.”

Lyons notes that the purring of a cat lowers stress — petting a purring cat has a calming effect. It decreases the symptoms of dyspnoea (difficulty in breathing) in cats and humans. It also lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease. Cat owners have 40% less risk of having a heart attack.

The healing power of cat purrs is believed to help with infections, swelling and pain, muscle growth and repair, tendon repair and joint mobility.