I was informed that I was  going to be a teacher when I was 9 years old – I wanted to be a zoologist or a Madame managing a red velvet walled high class place of sensuality and decadence. Nowadays I have a cat and teach people how to access a more profound sexual freedom.  My love of animals has continued and many furr-friends have come and gone; the predicted career has taken various formats, and somehow teaching has remained a continuous theme. 

I studied graphic design and illustration and by mistake found myself filling in for a lecturer at London’s most prestigious arts university at the age of twenty three.  From here I moved towards lecturing and the creation of courses in higher education at Masters and Phd level.  Whilst curating courses at The University of the Arts [ Central St Martins, London College of Fashion, Chelsea School of Art] I was offered a place on a Master’s programme in Design Studies.

In Mid 1999 I made a continent and semi-career change – I studied counselling, kinsesiology, cranio sacral therapy, psychic surgery, sexual philosophy and the magic of frequency & vibration - in keeping with the theme of education, I created programmes for both men and women to enhance creativity through sexuality and visa versa. As creativity lies in the sacral arena, our sexual and creative juices are inextricably connected, relying heavily upon each other for healthy, juicy and connected relationships with ourselves and others.

When I'm not on a humanitarian gig, I train therapists to become somatic TRE® Facilitators in various places in the world  - Trauma Release Exercises is a somatic expression of the autonomic nervous system that manifests as vibration or shaking in the body. More information on TRE®

I continue to work as a design consultant on various projects that feed my soul and offer a rich, colourful and creative palette which has become a profound part to my life.