Twice a year, you mayto apply on one of Fiona‘s programs that invites you to travel deeply within yourself, and follow a somatic process to understand the connections between body and spirit.  Fiona invites us to leave the stories of the body in the past, and to create a new Sense of Neuroplasticity, new cell formation and a new narrative for the mind & body. The process of being witnessed being moved through this new physical makeup can be extremely profound - a little like the butterfly getting to its final destination starting as a caterpillar and finding its way and wings,  to fly high.

Being witnessed in a safely held container assists in successfully embarking on this life changing process where we can finally learn and understand self regulation as well as growing our window of tolerance, which is something that most of us need to require in order to become  aclimatised and familiar, and at home with ourtissue’s expression  as well as its visceral voice

Fiona has held space for people for 30+ years, and she is well versed in creating safe, healthy boundaried, yet caring containers to go deep with the ‘unravelling’process.  The body requires safe witnessing to access parts of ourselves that perhaps remain hidden unseen and often deeply shamed

Fiona invites people of all gender types to embark on this very powerful body opening, and engaging process that ultimately helps move us towards our healthiest heart and home.

As small children,  we wanted  to be considered  a good girl or boy - a strong child who could endure bullying and abuse - many of us stayed up late at night consumed with anxiety about doing well enough at school, well enough at sport, well enough at everything, so our parents or caregivers would love us.

For some of us, this could be considered a trauma response. The response of appeasement , or needing to make others feel happy so that  we feel loved  - A co-dependant merry go round  of ill regulation - none of this healthy or hearty - nauseating  patterns whizzing around and around, often from one generation to another.

Nowadays, being witnessed by a healthy regulated other, can be enriching - the beginning of a completion loop where a belief has become all consuming. Change  the neuroplasticity and re-route neural pathways  -  Lets allow ourselves to be seen  - Let us  exhale - Let us return to a safe home-body.