TRE® for Life offers a yearly programme for those interested in becoming TRE® Practitioners. [ Tension & Trauma Release Exercises].  This innovative training, in English, comprises  2 X  three day modules which take place in person.

What is the timetable of this programme?

★Please note this is partly in person [ Modules 1 and 2 ] and online - it is a one year Global Certification Programme from Module 1 to certification★ 

Part #1 - 4-5 months 

  • Exploring the tremor mechanism within your own body
  • Understanding the textures of frequency and vibration
  • Learning Self Regulation and becoming curious with basic hands on self interventions
  • Meeting up with peers to be led and to practice leading.
  • Starting a personal and group supervision process 
  • ★Please note this is partly in person [ Modules 1 and 2 ] and online - it is a one year Global Certification Programme from Module 1 to certification

Part #2  - 7-8 months 

  • Continuing personal and group supervision process 
  • Learning more complex interventions to assist in regulating the process
  • Case studies 
  • Continuing to practice with peers
  • Written reports 

To become more physically and sexually embodied, demonstrating healthy choices and boundaries for your heart and body. This is based on a dialogue of your inside with the outside - a dance between logic/reason and desire/need. A sexually embodied person is moved by their desire and simltaneously moves with their desire - desire is met with adventure, pleasure, safety and excitement. Desire is not censored or restricted or abused.

Somatic Sexuality is a deep dive into your unique sexual frequency. You learn to enhance and uplift your personal vibrational presence to meet your centre of life force;; exploring deeply your internal world, from a place of pleasure & curiosity, as opposed to mind centred or in a form of dissociation to the present moment.

Fiona selects a range of practices designed to safely invite in sensation to the pelvic and sacral regions - she encourages us towards interoception which is a deep connecting to our internal body space including the vagus nerve and the psoas- muscles, which are both key in understanding our bodies interplay in both the internal and external worlds. Some of the take home tools assist with

  • gaining more arousal, libido and desire
  • accessing more pleasure through the body
  • relief from stress/trauma related issues that affect performance or confidence 
  • having more orgasmic /climactic potential 
  • becoming more creative in sex and in life
  • having more fun and connection with ourselves and others

★Please note there is no nudity or sexually explicit conduct on this workshop

Twice a year, you may to apply on one of Fiona‘s programs that invites you to travel deeply within yourself, and follow a somatic process to understand the connections between body and spirit. Fiona invites us to leave the stories of the body in the past, and to create a new Sense of Neuroplasticity, new cell formation and a new narrative for the mind & body. The process of being witnessed being moved through this new physical makeup can be extremely profound - a little like the butterfly getting to its final destination starting as a caterpillar and finding its way and wings, to fly high.

Being witnessed in a safely held container assists in successfully embarking on this life changing process where we can finally learn and understand self regulation as well as growing our window of tolerance, which is something that most of us need to require in order to become aclimatised and familiar, and at home with our tissue’s expression as well as its visceral voice

Fiona has held space for people for 30+ years, and she is well versed in creating safe, healthy boundaried, yet caring containers to go deep with the ‘unravelling’process. The body requires safe witnessing to access parts of ourselves that perhaps remain hidden unseen and often deeply shamed

Fiona invites people of all gender types to embark on this very powerful body opening, and engaging process that ultimately helps move us towards our healthiest heart and home.