Join Dr David Berceli for this 5th series of Live Intervention Demonstrations. In this session, David and Fiona will work on showing different ways of working with the body.  They will discuss the fact that there is not only one way, but many ways to collaborate with the human organism. They will demonstrate how to be curious and open to working in different dimensions with your clients.  

After the live demonstration, we invite you to a Q & A session relating to the interventions and the manner in which we connect with the “client-demo”

David Berceli is the founder and pioneer of Trauma Release Exercises. Fiona Soma is a TRE® Global Certification Trainer, specialising in Somatic Health, with a focus on sexuality and relationships.

This Group Training will take place live on Zoom - 2.5 hours hours 


9th November 2022


6.30pm - 9.00pm SAST/CET





Please note, this event is not for the general public, and is only open to TRE® Trainers, TRE® Providers and TRE® Trainees