Join Fiona Soma for this introductory half day workshop to learn more about sexual frequency, and how to grow, cultivate and sustain a strong, wholesome, fun and juicy relationship with self and others. Nectar - Sensation through Vibration, is ideal for those of us who wish to achieve a fuller, more orgasmic and creative approach to our sexuality.

We begin by inviting the body to release old tension patterns that may be causing blockages in the sacrum, the sexual arena, or in life. We practice movement and selected stretches for more body openness, hydration and flexibility. Breath and sound techniques are combined with TRE® (Tension Release Exercises) to access deep tissue, fascia and connective tissue movement. We will be called towards a deep, purr like vibration or resonance, that opens us up to our most true sexual alignment as well as more ability for present and harmonious relating.

These practices naturally and organically move us towards a healthy nervous system, healthy attachment, healthy boundaries and healthy expression. The tools are easily accessible and through exploration and curiosity, we can open to new sensations, feeling, safety, pleasure and a certain kind of magic! 

The practices encourage us towards interoception which is a deep connecting to our internal body space including the vagus nerve and the psoas- muscles, which are both key in understanding our bodies interplay in both the internal and external worlds. 

The take-away-tools can be practiced and played with at home for more fun and freedom, and can assist with 

  • gaining more arousal, libido and desire
  • accessing more pleasure through the body [ and not the mind ]
  • relief from stress/trauma related issues that affect performance or confidence 
  • having more orgasmic /climactic potential 
  • becoming more creative in sex and in life
  • having more fun and connection with ourselves and others

★Please note there is no nudity or sexually explicit conduct on this workshop

We invite people in and out of relationships

Part #1 - Introduction and exploration of the The Autonomic Nervous System, The Psoas [fight/flight/freeze muscles] and the Vagus Nerve. We will consider the implications of a highly alert or shut down nervous system and how this affects the sexual functioning of our bodies.  We will do an introductory first session of TRE®/Tremoring to begin opening the body to a higher frequency


Part #2 - Discussion on Frequency, Sensation and how to access our deepest resonance - the Purr.  In our second somatic exploration session we will include sound, movement, Vagal Toning, Psoas Awareness and a deeper more intuitive approach to deepen into our body's optimal sexual resonance 


Fiona is a Somatic Counsellor practising body based therapies for the last 30 years. Her background in Taoist Energetic Practices, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Kinesiology, Psychic Surgery and Counselling offer a multi-dynamic approach to her work with those wishing to improve their sexual and relational health as well as those wishing to enhance and increase the possibility of more  pleasure in the body and in life. Fiona works internationally training people to become TRE® Practitioners [Trauma Release Exercises]. For more on Fiona Soma

Date: Saturday 8th June 2024

Time: 11am - 3.30/4pm

Venue: The Lighthouse, 6th Floor , The Barracks, 50 Bree Street, Cape Town

Parking: Next door has indoor parking for R15 for the day[ you will be sent details in the welcome letter ]

Food: We will provide a light vegetarian lunch of soup/bread  - if you wish to bring your own food, you are welcome. 

Bring: warm comfortable clothing and socks - a favourite cushion, blanket - a bottle of water - an open mind


R980.00 [  €50 ]